Ecologyst Films

award winning films about nature & its countless lessons.

We tell stories of natural explorations, journeys to live a more sustainable, intentional life, the marvels of nature (and those at risk) in biodiverse British Columbia, and more.

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Our Story

Ecologyst Films is an independent film production company based in Victoria, BC, on the unceded territory of the Lekwungen People (Lək̓ʷəŋən).

What started 20 years ago — surfboard shaping under the name Sitka — has grown into ecologyst and ecologyst films. From the beginning, our values were deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest culture and from day one we’ve been vocal environmental and social advocates: against pipelines and old growth clear-cutting, while also providing a hub for local artists and musicians. We are here to tell the stories that matter to our community, and uplift the voices that will shape our common future.

Ecologyst Films strives to improve the diversity, intersectionality, and inclusion in key creative roles, content, concepts and stories with every project and story we tell. We are students and educators that take pride in the craft of storytelling and speaking truth to power.