Farmer Sailor Chef

Farmer Sailor Chef

Taking place on land and sea, Farmer.Sailor.Chef follows the adventure of the Providence (the oldest working vessel in BC, a 1903 80' tall ship). Sail with her owner and captain, Simon Fawkes, and his crew across the Salish Sea to Salt Spring Island, off the coast of Vancouver Island.

Pause en route to fish with wild chef and fisherman Teddy Cusco, landing at the beautiful biodynamic Stowell Lake Farm. A farm renowned in the local area for its community ownership model, its beautiful quiet spaces, and its abundant fresh veg from regenerative farming practices.

The film dives into our characters' stories and sustainable practices, sunrise to sunset on the farm, and the wild BC landscape. It culminates in a visually captivating celebratory meal outside with produce from the farm and other hyperlocal ingredients, cooked up by the film's chef, Kyle Gerrard.

A delight for the senses, an ode to BC's adventurous spirit, a culinary experience.

Step aboard.

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