Sunny Skies Ahead
The Chore Coat

For work or hardly working, the gender-neutral Chore Coat is great for the garden or a day in the park.

We Guarantee Our Apparel For Life

All our apparel goods are guaranteed for life. Own fewer, better-made pieces that last.

Know Where Your Clothes Are Made

We make our apparel in North America and at our local factory in Victoria, BC.

For The Planet. For Our Home

1% of purchases goes toward the preservation and restoration of our only home.

New & Sustainably Made Here

Fewer, Better
We've left behind the wasteful formula followed by most apparel brands and opted to make fewer products, in smaller collections, out of better materials. We take pride in crafting apparel that you can love for decades, instead of trends that are thrown out with the changing seasons.
For Nature

We opt for all-natural, 100% biodegradable fabrics that are durable and soft, with natural technical performance to stand up to anything that comes your way.

Made Here

We make all of our apparel in North America. So we can reduce our carbon footprint, ensure great working conditions for garment workers, and keep an eye on quality.

Guaranteed For Life

We prioritize high-quality fabrics that are made to last you through all your adventures. And in the off chance you get a snag - we'll fix it for free.