Our Story

The core of our brand has always been about fostering a deep connection to nature. In our early days, we did that by making surfboards.

As we grew, we faced the reality of fashion’s disastrous impact on the environment—so we worked to eliminate plastics and petroleum from our product line.

Today, we’re defining a different model—with natural materials, local factories and a new endeavour to make our community co-owners of our brand.

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About 60% of textiles used in the fashion industry today come from plastic. Less than 2% of ours do—and we're working to make that 0.

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Made for the Long Haul

We believe in investing in high-quality pieces you can own for life. Wear and tear are inevitable, so we offer a repair program to keep your gear going strong.

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Your Brand

This is your brand. That’s right—you can be a co-owner of ecologyst.

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