Plastic Beach

It's estimated that there's currently 1.2 million pounds of plastic in the Clayoquot Sound, and the amount of debris washing in is rising exponentially each year.

It is estimated that there is currently 1.2 million pounds of plastic in the Clayoquot Sound, and the amount of debris washing in is rising exponentially each year. Plastic Beach is an overview of Clayoquot CleanUp's beach cleaning process over the course of several weeks, from collecting and sorting the debris, to the final stage of slinging it off the shores to be recycled and repurposed.

The directors of 
Clayoquot CleanUp educate us about the overwhelming reality of the ocean plastics issue, and lend insight on what it will take to curb the ever growing problem. We would like to acknowledge that these cleanups are carried out on unceded Ahousaht, Hesquiaht, and Tla-o-qui-aht territories.

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Directed by: Cam MacArthur 

Produced by: The Sitka Society for Conservation in Partnership with Clayoquot CleanUp

Cinematography: Cam MacArthur and Kait Rogers

Additional footage provided by: Pacific Wild

Edited by: Cam MacArthur

Graphic Design by: Henry Slaughter

Year: 2019

Thank you to all the directors and volunteers at Clayoquot CleanUp.

Eco-Friendly Adventures - How To Go Plastic Free

From the beaches of Bali and our own coastline, to international freediving excursions and even the remotest stretches of sand, there’s a clear global issue. Plastic pollution is damaging our ecosystems, whether it’s leaking toxins, creating an island of plastic in the Pacific, or causing great harm to our incredible wildlife through ingestion.

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Since 2011, Plastic Free July has been challenging people to go plastic-free for the month. Providing educational resources on how to minimize your waste day-to-day. ⁠And creating a community that supports and inspires one another to do better. Something we can undoubtedly get behind. An initiative grounded in the hope that these new habits will continue beyond the month’s end.

Evident Environmentalists

With a mission to leave it better than we found it, our community are evident environmentalists. Caring greatly about contributing to the natural environment that does such benefit to us on a daily basis. And challenging the climate crisis we are now faced with. This July, and beyond, we’re sharing our best tips on how to live more sustainably. Something that also plays a part in our gear being made in Canada — a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice than our production line being overseas.

We believe it’s time to get drastic in the face of climate change. Whether we’re making our daily commute or heading out for a multi-day adventure, we’re committed to finding ways to go plastic-free. During this pandemic, it can be hard avoiding as much single use as we might usually. But we’re committed to doing our best, and encouraging others to do theirs.

Eco-Friendly Adventures

  • A solid place to start is by swapping out your disposable mask for our linen-cotton blend The Mask
  • For coffee, we go for the double walled stainless steel Kinto Travel Tumblr. Available in 350ml or 500ml, in four different colours.
  • And for water, it’s our high impact-resistant BPA-free Nalgene Bottle. Which comes in a myriad of colours, like Seafoam and Rhubarb, with our iconic Sitka tree logo.
  • For our groceries, we love supporting our local farmers’ market. Using our sturdy and aesthetically pleasing waxed cotton canvas Market Tote. Our best alternative to single use shopping bags.
  • Eating on the go? Durable, reusable Ekobo is made from bamboo sawdust—eliminating the waste that usually comes from making disposable bamboo chopsticks. Available in a Plate, Cereal Bowl, or two styles of Bento Box.
  • And when it comes to cutlery, we go for our utilitarian 3-in-1 handy Camp Utensil. Or if you’re a spork fan, then the all-in-one Snow Peak Spork is for you.
  • Unless we’re needing chopsticks. In which case the foldable bamboo and stainless steel Snow Peak Wabuki Chopsticks are what we’ll rely on for years of sushi and noodles to come.
  • Replace plastic cling film wrap with beeswax Goldilocks wrap. Made locally in Victoria, BC in fun, nature-inspired patterns like mushrooms and sharks.
  • Slow down a little on the road — swap your to-go coffee for a tailgate caffeine fix, or revive friends beside the campfire, with our Snow Peak Coffee Drip.
  • More of a french press kind of coffee drinker? No problem — we have you covered there too with the Snow Peak French Press. Beans from Victoria roastery Bows & Arrows is our go-to, further supporting hyperlocal business.

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