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We are building one of the cleanest clothing supply chains in North America.

In order to do so, we need to produce close to home and to the people we serve. Through supplier workplace code of conduct agreements, site visits, third party certifications and long-standing relationships, we are transparent in the approach we take to crafting quality clothing out of natural materials that are designed to last generations. We not only take into consideration the material inputs, but also the people who are contributing to the process of creation and the potential environmental impacts of every decision we make.

To help showcase what better manufacturing processes could look like, we operate openly. Our Head Office and Made Here Factory is available to the public to witness clothing being made, to build a relationship with the makers, and to shop from the showroom directly off the factory floor. Sharing the often hidden steps between design, sourcing, production and consumption is made possible in this space. We aim to provide context to those who may seek a deeper understanding and connection to the clothing we adorn our bodies with—a daily ritual that creates meaning in our lives as active participants in the clothing ecosystem. One in six people on earth are employed in the clothing industry. We see an incredible opportunity to work towards systemic change for the betterment of people and the planet.


We understand the responsibility that comes with making physical objects for the human form—pieces that have the potential to exist far beyond our own lives. With this in mind, we opt for natural materials such as responsibly sourced wool and cotton. This ensures they have the highest likelihood of maintaining emotional and physical durability through a timeless approach to design.

Product life extension is a key lever to climate change mitigation. By offering repair services, we support keeping your beloved items active in your wardrobe for years to come.

These two fibers have acted as a protective barrier for humans for centuries and have cultural significance. Known for their inherent performance properties, we design with the optimal use-case in mind.


A natural, cellulose-based fiber—cotton is known for its comfort, durability, and breathability. By sourcing organic fibers which represent only one percent of the total cotton supply, we ensure we are following stringent social and environmental criteria at the front end of the supply chain.

Softer than conventional cotton, organic cotton avoids harmful chemicals at the farm level and throughout the supply chain so you can feel good about what you’re putting next to your skin. We opt for thicker fabric weights to increase durability and longevity.


Known for its natural performance properties, wool is a fiber that has undergone significant innovation over the last few decades. Renewable, UV and fire resistant, wrinkle resistant, elastic, and antimicrobial—these are only a few of the many reasons we selected wool as a primary material. Ethical treatment of animals is another consideration in our supply chain. We ensure mulesing is not practiced with our suppliers and partners, and look for ZQ, RWS and Authentico certifications to ensure best practices are being followed in regards to land management, ethical treatment of animals, and the welfare of people.


Welcome to the factory—where we value connection, relationships and learning. We aim to act as an catalyst to go deep into conversations most people don’t engage with in their daily lives.

Where were your clothes made? What are they made out of? Who made them? What was the impact of creating it? How long have your items lasted? Do they stand up over time? What makes you love them?

We’re offering a new way of operating where we allow for the unseen to become seen. Visit us at 2110 Store Street, Victoria, BC (Lekwungen Territory) to see what's in production.

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