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We use responsibly sourced, natural materials to create clothing that is built to last.

Materials matter. By focusing on natural materials, we are able to avoid harmful practices that contribute to the microplastics problem, and consider the many stakeholders across our supply chain.

merino wool
organic cotton

Over 60% of clothing produced is made out of synthetic materials (aka plastic).

wool wovens.

We offer three weights to perform for all seasons and scenarios.

From our 9oz washable wool to our heaviest 23oz wool, each fabric is selected based on certification, durability, quality, hand feel and source of materials.

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complete knit.

Our complete knit collection uses a low-waste production method and is made in New York.

Each piece is knit to shape and stitched together, avoiding on average 20% in fabric waste at the manufacturing level. These timeless knits are made from soft and supple Donegal Yarns.

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We actually make clothes – right here in our own ecologyst factory.

Our outerwear pieces are crafted with care and precision using the highest quality materials by talented humans in Victoria, BC. Come see your clothing being made right before your eyes.

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merino layers.

A natural performance material designed for days spent on the move.

Our lightweight, ZQ-certified merino wool jersey fabric is perfect for active days outside. Both easy-care and naturally odor resistant, this material doesn’t need to be washed as often saving you time, money and energy.

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organic cotton.

Our comfortable, durable organic cotton meets some of the most stringent social and environmental criteria in the world.

Approximately 1% of the total cotton supply is organic. This breathable material is also softer than conventional cotton. It avoids some of the most harmful chemicals throughout the supply chain, so you can feel good about what’s next to your skin.

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supplier highlight:

Buscot Station Merino Farm

Fourth-generation merino sheep farmers supplying ecologyst’s ZQ-Certified wool.

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material milestones


Made the switch to organic cotton and started removing synthetic blends. Removed polybags from supply chain.


Introduced ZQ-certified merino wool into our collection, which upholds the five animal freedoms to ensure animal welfare.


Introduced RWS certified wool and Climate Beneficial wool. Launched 100% recycled content packaging in all eCommerce packaging.


Conducted a per-product lifecycle assessment to understand the impact of each material choice.

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merino wool

organic cotton

ZQ wool