Founder's Note

Breath, water, food, shelter, and clothing—these are the foundation of human needs. At ECOLOGYST, we make clothing and we take great pride in fulfilling this essential. It is only recently in human history that we have become disconnected from who actually makes our clothing and how and with what it is made. Restoring this connection is our work and fundamental to how we contribute in restoring harmony between people and the planet. 

Ecology is the study of the relationships between living organisms, including humans, and their physical environment; it seeks to understand the vital connections between plants and animals and the world around them. We have taken this all-encompassing approach to our work over the past twenty years of studying the clothing ecosystem. This ensures a respect for all that are part of the given system. 

It’s no secret that what has become the standard in the clothing manufacturing system is broken. Our research has led us to simple solutions. Although simple and sometimes obvious on the surface, these practices do require the dismantling of complex systems and the rebuilding of new ones to allow for a more regenerative standard to become the norm:

  • We design and build legacy clothing items. Pieces that are timeless and will remain in one’s wardrobe for decades and passed along to future generations. 
  • We honour the gifted makers at the heart of our organization and celebrate the skill, love and dedication they bring to their work.
  • We work with the gifts of mother earth within the natural rules—never using more resources than it is necessary or natural—using natural fibres that if necessary can easily return to earth. 
  • We build and source as close to where the products are sold as possible. This principle is why we’ve created our own manufacturing facilities, and also informs our efforts in rebuilding a broader clothing supply chain within North America. 
  • We measure our carbon footprint and use this information to inform our choices. 
  • We share what we learn along the way and use what we’ve built to produce goods for several clothing brands. We believe this collaboration is critical to increase the rate of change that we believe is necessary in our industry. 
  • We maintain economic sustainability. We believe that sound business and doing good work can co-exist. Our pieces are priced in such a way that ensures that we do not sacrifice any of the above. 

We thank you kindly for your fellow stewardship of this earth, for treating each other with respect and for joining us in the pursuit of asking questions and challenging our answers for the betterment of this place and all who live their lives here—our home.


René Gauthier