The Arc Bag

Sale price$150

Blending architectural influence with practical elegance, this design was driven by a commitment to unify form and function.

Constructed from heavyweight organic cotton canvas, selected for its structured and uncomplicated demeanor. It lends a tactile presence and a raw, unadorned charm that gracefully intertwines with the essence of the design.

Envisioned by Sarah, our specialist in E-commerce and Marketing, she offers you a deeper insight into the ethos guiding her design and the purpose it holds in enhancing your everyday experiences:

"I sought to create The Arc Bag as a framework. My aim was to sculpt not just an accessory, but a supporting structure—a scaffold for the endeavors and intentions of its wearer. What materializes is more than simply a sling bag; with each seam and curve it embodies a philosophy of purposefulness. 

The Arc Bag emerges as a blank slate, awaiting the strokes of daily life to shape its narrative, offering a structured embrace that guides chaos into harmony."

Please note that this bag has magnetic closure and can be unsafe for people with pacemakers.

Made in Victoria, BC.