The Quilted Collection

The Quilted Collection

Here at ecologyst, we find joy in creative expression, problem-solving, scheming: dreaming up the pieces you really need. Taking into account the ethics and sustainability behind every piece, and getting to think big, before moving through prototype, test, fit, and finish at our very own HQ-factory.

This is how and why we dreamt up two sets of premium wool outer layers — suitable for both winter and shoulder seasons. Our take on the classic quilted jacket and vest.

A timeless style we’ve added our own quirks to in both design and function.  Slowly thought through and experimented with, ready to take on the wet and chilly weather not just this year, but for a lifetime. A playful, eye-catching vertical wave stitching sets ours apart — a product of both our head designer’s love of organic shapes (regularly inspired by her garden!), and it being a less wasteful option (the sewers don’t have to line up the quilting pattern when sewing). 

In a sea of plastic-based puffy jackets and GoreTex outerwear, we’ve transformed the original quilted layer from its English roots into a Canadian weather-worthy piece that puts our ethical and sustainable values first. 

Quilted Wool Liner Jackets ecologyst - made in canada

The quilted collection is designed, prototyped, fitted, manufactured, photographed, packed + shipped all at our headquarters (2110 Store Street). It features a Women’s Quilted Vest, a Men’s Quilted Vest, a Women’s Quilted Liner Jacket, and a Men’s Quilted Liner Jacket. Each piece is available in Navy, Moss Green, and Lichen. Read on to discover more about this versatile, all-season style and the sustainability story behind them. 

Sustainability First

Through research and innovation, our product team has been hard at work to find a solve without sacrificing any of the benefits of a wildly versatile product. Scrapping the traditional polyester and nylon synthetic fibres these styles were made with, in favour of all-natural ones, we’ve managed to avoid 1.7 pounds of plastic

Beyond the fibres, by making it at our HQ-factory, we save an average of 4-6kg CO2e in emissions and logistics shipping alone per product. Passionate about the whole cycle of clothing, by having an eye on production, we’re able to recycle any manufacturing offcuts, which avoids landfilling around 0.8 to 1.5lbs of fabric per garment. Creating in small runs also drastically reduces waste from overproduction — the norm in the fast fashion industry — while supporting our small but mighty on-site CX and warehouse team from a storage standpoint. 

Of course, our lifetime repair program means once you take it home, you’re also contributing in a hugely positive way to ending the fast fashion crisis — extending a garment’s life by (on average) 1.3 times. And if you’re ready to give someone else a go in our gear, our re-commerce solution, Second Life, means we can further extend the product life an average of 1.7 times.

Are Quilted Jackets Warm and Waterproof? 

Not all quilted jackets will protect you from the elements. Ours, inspired by coastal cabins, road trips, and all-season activities, sure will. The biggest surprise when first glimpsing this style, feeling the outer fibre and its aesthetics, is that our quilted jackets are wool. Water-resistant wool that is — meaning you can rely on your new vest or jacket in the lighter rain and gentle first snow of the changing seasons. 

Replacing the traditional harmful fibres of polyester and nylon that quilted jackets were first made from.

To keep you toasty, there’s USA-sourced, 100% wool insulation in a single layer, with an organic cotton poplin (sourced from Italy) lining. Known for being superiorly soft and durable, this reliable combination is going to keep you warm and dry, while putting the planet first. Women's Quilted Wool Vest ecologyst - made in canada

The Collection; Style meets Sustainability

Each of the four pieces in this collection are crafted with optimal intention from design through to production — both in terms of style and sustainability. Here’s a little field guide so you know just which one is best for you! 

The Quilted Wool Liner Jacket

Designed with our urban, coastal environment in mind with its weather-resistant qualities, a dropped back hem, and ergonomically placed pockets to pop your hands in on both the women's and men's styles. Intended to be worn as a lighter outer layer, or a mid-layer, it's a little more restrictive in fit than the vest due to the organic cotton lining. 

Men's details: The sleeve length has intentionally been left longer with optional hemming in mind (additional cost) to accommodate more variety in sizing. Additional inner zipped chest pocket for valuables. 

Women's details: Welt-finished pockets for durability. Slim fit arms near the wrists to keep the warmth in. High-low hem at the side seams to allow access to pant pockets. 

The Quilted Wool Vest

Men's Quilted Wool Vest ecologyst - made in canada

Designed for the ultimate minimalist living an active, urban lifestyle. With front snap closures allowing for easy movement, and a dropped curve hem at the back keeping the wind out, this is a great piece for hopping on your bike. Piping trim gives beautiful structure and finish. We also actioned feedback from previous jackets to inform a dropped centre front neckline — making room for hoodies without any bunching.  

Women's Details: Side pockets have a welt-finish and topstitched finish to ensure durability. Works for tall or petite individuals, depending on the fit you like.

Men's Details: 
Additional zipped inside chest pocket for values.  

Once you have your new quilted wool piece, care for it by spot cleaning, and eco-dry clean only when necessary. Extend its longevity through our repair program, or years down the line through our Second Life (resale) program.  

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