Food Tastes Better Outside Ep.4 with Teddy of Cast & Iron

Food Tastes Better Outside Ep.4 with Teddy of Cast & Iron

From foraging to fishing, campfires to jet boils, many of our favourite foodie memories are set to a stunning natural backdrop. So it seemed obvious to create a series celebrating exactly that: local chefs inspired by nature, cooking in nature. With a recipe for you to try at home for yourselves to boot. 

Wild Kitchen

For Episode 4 of our Food Tastes Better Outside series we headed into the mountains of BC with Teddy of Cast and Iron. A passionate outdoorsman, enthusiastic camp cook, and sometimes-lucky fly fisherman. Born in Whitehorse no doubt influenced the draw of nature and wild open spaces for Teddy from a young age. His formative years spent exploring the tundra via floatplane, fishing off the coast of Alaska, and camping throughout western Canada. He grew up with the outdoors in his blood.

Now a Vancouverite with a day job as a professor, he still makes ample time for adventuring through the wilds of the PNW with a fly road in hand. And can otherwise be found sampling local craft beers, or experimenting with new cast iron recipes. Lucky for us, he brought both his fly rod and food-focused creative spirit for an overnight camping trip with us. Much of the day was spent wading out into the water, fly rod in hand, as we watched wide eyed to see if anything would pull. Taking in the snow capped peaks as Teddy got the fire going, warming ourselves round it, and waiting patiently for a bite of his dish. 

Teddy wears the ecologyst x Stanfield's gender neutral Henley in Grey

Cast & Iron Recipe 

Dish prepared: 
Pan-fried trout in an oregano cream sauce with roasted garlic focaccia
Two bulbs garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, honey, flour, yeast
Fish dish: 
Rainbow trout, olive oil, onion, heavy cream, parmesan, spinach, oregano, lemon, salt, pepper
Watch the film to see how to whip up this dish for yourself! 
Teddy wears the ecologyst x Stanfield's Crew in Black
And our wool Fisherman's Toque
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