The Staycation Day 2: Canoe, Surf, Ski Tour & Explore

The Staycation Day 2: Canoe, Surf, Ski Tour & Explore

Day 2

Wise words from Aaran Jackson:

"Logging companies will advocate their ruff roads as access meccas, but the mecca they offer has long been removed, and realistically, only a small percentage of the population have the means to take advantage of these terrains."


"All that remains are scattered spots of forest, seized from the rightful owners and diseased by modern man for modern toilet paper and raw products. Even to this day, the greedy corporations threaten the less than 4% remaining undisturbed wild. If you look at an aerial map or take a flight over our coastline, you will find this shocking image that I have described. Park boundaries are clearly outlined and isolated by cuttings."

The Mountains 

"I’m not saying we should not log trees, but there is enough land dedicated to harvest already. Insanity is doing the same thing the same way over and over and hoping for different results. The profit made by few for the ancient forest that belong to all. We need to differentiate our approach to harvesting the trees and seas to be more beneficial to all. When will we realize an ancient forest has more value to us standing then cut?"

If we can't get everyone out there to the forests and in nature, maybe we can show everyone the beauty and teach people to appreciate and preserve it.

- The Sitka Team