The Staycation Day 1: Surf, Canoe, Ski Tour & Explore

The Staycation Day 1: Surf, Canoe, Ski Tour & Explore

"Ever wonder if you can canoe, surf, ski tour, and explore all in one trip? Sure ya can bud!" - The most Canadian thing ever said. 

"No need to take fancy trains or planes to some distant paradise. All ya got to do is turn to your 'backyard'. That’s the beauty of Island living in the Pacific Northwest. Keeners and kindling tools are a must. These photos reflect a mid winter month of play!"

Day 1

The Adventure Began With Canoeing




What more do you need than a dog, a canoe and great company? The Brothers started out their adventure at the sea, paddling through the calm waters with a warm plaid and a bad attitude. 

The Waves Are Calling

When the swell is breaking, one must go. 

Surfs up

Always Have A Campfire

Turn An Old Bus Into A Camper



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