Field Notes

Materials matter- but what does natural actually mean? It means the clothing you buy from us isn’t made of petroleum, chemicals or plastic, like most synthetic materials. We’re pretty sure you don’t want to wrap yourself up in plastic, right?

It is estimated that there is currently 1.2 million pounds of plastic in the Clayoquot Sound, and the amount of debris washing in is rising exponentially each year. Plastic Beach is an overview of Clayoquot CleanUp's beach cleaning process over the course of several weeks, from collecting and sorting the debris, to the final stage of slinging it off the shores to be recycled and repurposed.
Around 10.5 million tons of clothing goes into landfills each year and only about 15% of clothing is donated or consigned. Only about half of the clothing that is donated or consigned is worn again. To extend the life of your clothing, learning a few simple tricks to repair them can make a huge difference...
One-third documentary, one-third surf and adventure film and one-third storybook wander into the unknown, The Fortune Wild is a beautiful and slightly eccentric look at what makes the West Coast so priceless and so worthy to protect.