What On Earth: Music as a Force for Change - Video Release

What On Earth: Music as a Force for Change - Video Release

What on Earth does it mean to live a low impact life and act collectively for the betterment of each other and the natural world? In the heart of the Coast Salish territory lies the idyllic Salt Spring Island where we visited local Folk Musician, Luke Wallace. Catching up in his cabin we interviewed him about the release of his new album “What on Earth” 

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Walking the surrounding gardens and vegetable patch we explored his journey of recognizing how intrinsically linked his values are to nature. Moving from the city two years ago he discovered that he hadn’t been living in a way that honoured who he truly was and who he wanted to be. After deep self reflection he became empowered by the harmony he found in connecting with the natural world around him.

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We need to be empowered in the choices we can make every day about where we get our food from. Where our clothes come from. How do we get from A to B. What is our vocation in life? And, How is that in line with the beautiful intelligence of nature? - Luke

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ecologyst has recently decided to focus on the concept of Reading Clothing Labels Like Food Labels. This directly relates to what Luke is saying. Every day we make choices and those choices have an effect on the earth, on other people, and ultimately on ourselves and our health. Luke’s vision of the future has inspired us to make changes at home and at work by being more conscious about everything we consume. 

“Go easy on the Earth, lightly on the water. Remember this place is for your sons and daughters” - From Luke’s Sons and Daughters


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For being only 26 Luke has the vision of someone far older in years. Speaking with him enriched us just as much as listening to the powerful words in his music. Music that is now a force for social, environmental, and political change. It was only two weeks ago that we again saw Luke at the Herring Fest and Protest on Hornby Island. Performing Jetlag he captivated the audience. Luke is no stranger to musical diplomacy. He has lended his voice to the Paris COP21 Conference and Costa Rica’s Inner Dimensions of Climate Change Summit in years past. This combination of folk music and activism resonates with us at ecologyst on so many levels. 

Now, more than ever supporting local artists like Luke is necessary. His music and messaging are incredibly relevant today. Returning to nature and unifying humanity with the land that supports us is a positive vision for how we can grow together. 

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Photography By: Alex Harris, @alexharrris_

Cinematography By: Cam MacArthur, @cammacarthur & Alex Harris