The Camel Overshirt

The Camel Overshirt

The Camel Overshirt

Many know us as unabashed lovers of merino wool; touting its benefits throughout the year and the changing weather. But now, we've recently discovered a new star all-natural fibre to add to the mix. That of camels — a luxuriously soft, superfine fibre that is ethically gathered in Mongolia, and surprisingly is even more durable than wool due to the longer length of its fibres, while still being extremely soft and a fantastic insulator. 

Recently making its way to our factory in Victoria, BC, after being gathered by hand (putting animal welfare first) and processed at the oldest wool mill in North America. Our factory team has been using their expert craftsmanship to transform it into a singular, covetable piece this season: The Camel Overshirt.

Camel Shirt production process sustainable fashion canada

A limited run that we're envisioning as the perfect piece to take us out of work-from-home and gently back into socializing. A mid-weight, button-up (using Corozo buttons - made from seeds!) cozy shirt in a slightly oversized fit, that fits effortlessly into both city style and cooler, outdoorsy days.

From Floor to Fibre

Camels shed. During a six to eight-week shedding season in late spring, camels' hair falls in large clumps to the ground. In Mongolia, local gatherers from a cooperative collect a large density of the seriously-soft fibre by hand from the floor (no mean feat!). The fibres journey from floor to fabric is people-powered, slow, and intentional. A far cry from the mass industry-based creation of plastic-based fabrics like nylon and polyester.

The journey then continues to the mill. In our case, the oldest, and one of just three still standing, mills in the whole of North America. It then lands in the hands of our highly-skilled factory team who're paid at least a local, Victoria living wage, and put a lot of love and time into each small run. They measure, iron, cut, and sew the fabric with precision into the final product.

Camel Shirt ethically made in canada

The rest of our warehouse, CX and HQ team has loved feeling the fibres, overseeing the production process, and supporting with fit sessions — an experience that's only possible by having everyone in one space at our new home in Victoria, BC. And an opportunity you can have yourself by stopping by the new factory-shoppable showroom on Store Street! 

The Camel Overshirt is now available.