ecologyst's 6 Favourite Creative Businesses (Right Now)

ecologyst's 6 Favourite Creative Businesses (Right Now)

Ecologyst loves to honour companies who share our motivation to create high-quality goods, naturally and ethically.


Nookta Naturals

Squamish, B.C.

Nootka Naturals captures the organic wellness of the wilderness in salves, soaps, and candles. It’s like taking the sensory friendship of the West Coast wherever you go. Tip: the yoga mat spray will make you never want to leave child’s pose… not that you need another reason.



Juniper Ridge

Berkley, C.A.

Juniper Ridge is a company of harvesters who crawl around mountain meadows to distill nature’s gifts using traditional perfume-making techniques. Tinctures are brewed in remote trail locations and adhere to a unique devotion to creation, down to the wind’s direction at the time of mixing. If you need a break from hiking, light some cedar incense, bathe in backcountry body wash, and sip some white sage and wild mint tea.




Hands On Pottery

Victoria, B.C.

Hands On Pottery is a collective dedicated to molding clay into naturally lovely and useful art. Whether you like minimalist tumblers, rugged natural mugs, or hanging planters,there’s a HOP piece that will suit your lifestyle. The collective is located in Quadra Village and offers classes and resources to teach the practice of pottery-making.





Victoria, B.C.

Peace is the mantra behind Shanti-Collective. Designed with inspiration from Bali and India, each piece is created to encourage gratitude for the world’s beauty. Tip: you can learn to make your own mala, a set of beads often used in meditation, during a Mindful Mala Workshop which we often hold at our Victoria location (stay tuned).



TOPO Designs

Colorado, U.S.A.

TOPO locally crafts practical and ruggedly simple outdoor apparel. They’ve got a love for old-school style and functionality. Like Sitka, their purposeful pieces encourage a connectedness to the wild. The best part: we don’t have to cross oceans to feature their product. 



Salt Spring Candle Co.

Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Open up these vintage-inspired tins of 100% GMO free, soy-based pure essential oil candles crafted on the sweet island of Salt Spring. They feature carefully selected notes for a balanced sensory experience that reflect their coastal origin. Tip: the candle named Sitka smells like huddling around the campfire in a rain-drenched forest bordering the sea.



Come visit our Victoria shop on 1219 Government Street to experience our favourite products from brands you’ll feel awesome about supporting.





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