Nine Ways to Surf Day

Nine Ways to Surf Day

International Surf Day is like a worldwide party-wave where we all take a moment to acknowledge the role that surfing plays into our lives.

The whole planet is connected by the currents and swells of our oceans.

So it’s nice to celebrate that relationship with a global shout-out to sliding sideways in the sea.

Everyone celebrates ISD differently, but here are a few suggestions from the crew at Sitka:

Get Lost

…just for a minute or two, maybe longer.


Photo by Kyler Vos of Reid Jackson and Peter Devries


Go for Broke…

…because maybe today’s the day.


Photo by Kyler Vos of Peter Devries


Stand Sideways Somewhere…

…don’t be afraid to get creative with this one.


Photo by Rene Gauthier


Get Out There!

…doubters gonna doubt, but you got this.


Photo by Jer Koreski of Noah Cohen



…because Surf Day.


Photo by Kyler Vos of Peter Devries


Get Involved…

…because sometimes the sea she needs our help.



Get your Fine Self to the Beach…

…commitments be damned.


Photo by Rene Gauthier


Hang Ten…

…where nobody has hung ten before.


Photo by Rene Gauthier of Reid Jackson


Clean the Beach…

…and get her back looking the way she should.

Photo by Kyler Vos




The next beach clean-up in the Victoria area will be on Sunday, July 9th at Willows Beach, from 9am-11am.

The Vancouver Island Chapter of Surfrider does them monthly so keep an eye on their website for that and other ways to give back to the ocean.


Happy Surf Day everyone…get out there!

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