Investor Update - January 2019

Investor Update - January 2019

At the end of every month, we send off a summary to investors via email. When you think about it though...our most important investors are our customers (YOU). Without you, there is no Sitka. So we decided to try sending the same update to yourself and all our other customers. This is new for us and we'd really appreciate your feedback. Here goes...
After a fantastic and frantic holiday season, January can seem awfully slow. Sales wise it is often the slowest month of the year for us. On the bright side, it does give us some much needed time to reflect, learn and plan the year ahead. Let's dive into what happened in January for us.
Sitka Tree | Tattoo | Canada | Investor Update
Sitka Tattoo 
Yes... that's our logo tattooed on one of our awesome customers.
"A guy came in who's buddy was in town and fell in love with Sitka. He bought one of our stickers so he could get the exact same tree tattoo." — Whistler Store
Decrease of SKU Count
Over the last few months, we've been working hard to reduce our SKU count and focus on the products that are both working the best and also those that are most aligned with where we're headed as a company. #lessbetter
93.2% of sales came from 10% of our product offering in January.
Plastic Beach in Elements Film Festival
Our film showcasing the 34,000 pounds of plastic we helped remove last summer from Clayoquot Sound has been selected for the Elements Film Festival.
New Whistler location coming soon!
It's no secret that January can be a really slow time in the retail industry. Sales slow and we have to say "ciao for now" to some really great seasonal team members.
Our New Sweater Program
Made with organic cotton, milled in Canada and swan in Vancouver BC.
The Team:
Crew Scavenger Hunt
December is all hands on deck so our holiday staff party happens in January. Above are a few images from the ridiculous scavenger hunt we had prior to the party. #doggoganger

What Peeps are Saying

“Not only do I love Sitka's products, but I love the brand! Every time I purchase something, I know the money isn't just going into a company, its supporting so many other initiatives across Canada. I love how sustainable and environmentally aware Sitka is and how you know each product was created in a good way. I want people to know about Sitka, and I want people to be associated with Sitka.” — Asia Munro

“Great stuff. Locally-made clothing available. And I'm 73 and not a hipster but I was made to feel very welcome. I'll be back.” — Derek Gardner

“I have been living in one of these shirts since it arrived.” — Shane McCord

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Please let us know if a monthly update like this is something you'd like to continue to see from us.We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the support of you guys so, we encourage you to sign up and join us on this journey. 

Rene Gauthier, Founder and CEO