Indigenous Tourism BC and ecologyst Partnership Launch

Indigenous Tourism BC and ecologyst Partnership Launch

"Everything is Connected" We are elated to announce an official partnership between Indigenous Tourism BC and ecologyst, starting today on March 1, 2022. 

The partnership will focus on three key pillars: Expand, Elevate, and Embolden. Stay tuned for more information, as we look forward to sharing resources, and read on to learn more about the synergy between ITBC and ecologyst that brought this partnership to life. 


ITBC honours the Seven Teachings in everything they do–these teachings are at the core of our corporate culture. They seek genuine connections with respectful partners who celebrate Indigenous knowledge, share resources, demonstrate integrity and intelligence, and commit to working together. 
ITBC and ecologyst share a commitment to a community of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples who respect the waters, lands, plants, animals, and others. The partnership between ITBC and ecologyst expresses our shared values and alignment with Indigenous and environmental health and quality of life for all. 

Indigenous Tourism BC and ecologyst photoshoot for Boulevard magazine by Darren Hull

Photos by Darren Hull featuring ecologyst sweater and toque, dresses by Ay Lelum, and beaded earrings by Giggy's Beads Boutique for an Indigenous Tourism BC for Boulevard Magazine story. 

Indigenous peoples in BC maintain a deep connection to the lands, waters, animals, and each other. These connections are more important than ever before. Through partnerships, Indigenous Tourism BC (ITBC) has been exploring ways to attract respectful and responsible travellers who align with Indigenous values and take action to learn about them. Responsible and respectful consumers and travellers also care about the environment and each other. 
ITBC and ecologyst are committed to educating consumers for a better way of life that includes slow fashion and slow travel. We aim to collaborate and connect on travel and outfitting, locations and projects, content creation and social media. Together, we will share audiences, events, and education in ways that demonstrate love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility, and truth. 


Cedar weaving photo by Darren Hull for Indigenous Tourism BC story

Photo and Cover Photo by Darren Hull for Boulevard Magazine.




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