Outdoor Gear Checklist

Outdoor Gear Checklist


The winter months are when Vancouver Island gets its biggest swells. Now’s the time to get suited up. 

Arran Jackson, by Kyler Vos

1. Surfboard 

Eco-responsible boards with fine detail. Field tested and widely approved.

It's the little things, Noah Cohen 


2. Wetsuit 

The highest-quality suits keep your temperature regulated and your movements stealthy. 

Keeping stoked, photo by Kyler Vos

We also carry hoods, gloves, leashes, fins, wax, surfboard bags... You get it.


One of Vancouver Island’s charms is its mild temperatures all year round, making camping feasible in any month. 

Camp life, Mackenzie Duncan


3. Axe 

Just a practical size axe for the best kinds of times.

The Bad Axe, Mackenzie Duncan

4. Flame Case 

Might as well know where you're going and be able to make a fire. 

Where to? photo by Justin Craigen

5. Enamelware 

Finally, a practical set made for wild dining.

Mackenzie Duncan photo


6. Knife

Sharp and lightweight everyday knives, plus some Sitka.

Lookin' sharp. Photo by Justin Craigen

7. Wool Blanket

Rugged and recycled wool blanket to provide warmth when nothing else can.

Photo by Connor Broadfoot


8. Toque 

Your brain deserves recycled cashmere and 100% wool.

Caitlin, by Kimm Blotto 



We know plenty of ways to utilize Sitka gear to its full potential. Come visit us as 1219 Government Street, Victoria, B.C. or live chat to us from the Sitka.ca home page.