The Back Story: The Robert Bateman Tee

The Back Story: The Robert Bateman Tee

The Robert Bateman Tee

The Story:

The T-shirt features an original Robert Bateman sketch of the Khutze Inlet Waterfall located in the inside passage route to the Great Bear Rainforest region of British Columbia. The image represents surprises found in nature through documenting an area many are familiar with yet pinpointing a specific wonder that not many people have heard of. Robert has explored British Columbia coast with vigour and the Great Bear Rainforest, which is dear to all of our hearts. The Robert Bateman Tee was originally created for a Sitka Society for Conservation campaign to help raise money for conservation initiatives across BC.

                        Mens Robert Bateman Tee in NaturalWaterfalls

About Robert Bateman:

Robert Bateman represents the spirit of adventure that is at the roots of Sitka and the Sitka Society for Conservation. In his youth, Robert took a Landrover around the world documenting his trip through art. It was this trip that shaped his intentions and values for conservation and created his strong bond with nature. He uses creativity and artistic expression to connect people with the importance of the natural world. Similarly, Sitka encourages and supports our community to get out into the wild because we know that those who are in nature are more apt to care for it. 

The Bateman Tee



Model: Sierra Lundy

Photographer: Sara Spectrum