SSC Membership

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The Sitka Society for Conservation (SSC) is a registered non-profit society in B.C.

  • Mission
    The SSC’s mission is to conserve and restore land, water, and air in coastal BC to promote the sustainability and resilience of our communities.
  • What we do
    SSC undertakes and supports a number of initiatives and activities in pursuit of our mission. We do so through four interrelated program areas that represent the pillars of SSC. These four pillars are Wilderness Activism, Community Initiatives, Conservation Initiatives, and a Grants Program that supports other organizations and individuals to achieve their goals. Our projects often apply several of the four pillars at once. Find out more about our current and past initiatives or donate directly. 
  • How we do it
    We seek to achieve our mission by pursuing and supporting initiatives that improve our understanding of the natural world and our place within it. In doing so, we aspire to protect and enhance the planet’s ecosystems and inspire positive human-nature relationships. We support initiatives by providing funding, which is raised through our 1% for the planet program, Sitka art series fundraisers, in-store yoga classes, SSC membership purchases, and individual donations.
  • Membership details
    - Certificate of lifetime membership
    - Sitka doubles it's contribution to the planet on your purchases (2%)
    - Free attendance to all SSC events
  • Origin
    Established on Vancouver Island in 2014
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