ecologyst x Populess Belt

$120 CAD
Colour: Black

A collaboration between The Populess Company and ecologyst.

      A timeless design, cut from 9/10oz leather, for quality, durability and built for your journey. Each piece of natural leather used has its own characteristics and imperfections, just like the people that surround us. Over time, the leather will naturally patina from the natural oils on your hands.

      - Sitka tree embossed at the tip
      - Copper hardware on Rustic Brown and Wheat belts
      - Black hardware on Black belts
      - 1.5" wide

      - Small: size 28"-30"
      - Medium: size 32"-34"
       - Large: size 36"-38"

      The majority of leather used for belts is a by-product of the meat industry, specifically Tyson Foods, an awarding winning company for ethical standards and practices.

      Handmade in Lethbridge, Alberta

      We recommend keeping your belt dry. If it does get wet, hang your belt in an open area at room temperature and allow it to dry naturally on its own

      Made to last. We make quality goods that stand up in the wild. Wear and tear are inevitable, so we offer a repair program to keep your gear going strong.

      If the zipper on your hoody isn't working quite right, or a button comes loose—we have you covered. Reach out to our team to set up your gear repair. We want you to love what you’ve got and wear it for a lifetime.

      What We Can Fix: Loose threads, hems or buttons, some rips/holes, and zippers that are acting funny.

      What We Can’t Fix: Damage through accident, misuse, or extreme wear over a product’s practical lifespan. Beer stains.

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