The Pocket Knife Eco-Surfboard

$1,000 CAD

It comes along for every trip to the beach - the Pocket Knife is ecologyst's super utility all around shortboard. Built as a certified eco-surfboard.

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  • Story

    It comes along for every trip to the beach - the Pocket Knife is our super utility all around shortboard. Designed to be ridden 2-4 inches shorter than your traditional shortboard in waist high to overhead waves. Its wide foam forward outline makes for a free and easy paddle, while the low entry rocker will have you flying out the gate with an extra kick in the tail to dig into your cutbacks. It features round rails, a flat deck and single concave for balanced flowy surfing. Comes standard with a round tail but goes well as a custom with a swallow or rocket tail.

  • Details

    Standard Dimensions & Volumes
    5'8" x 20" 1/4 x 2" 3/8 | 33.8 L
    5'10 x 20" 3/8 x 2" 5/16 | 31.6 L
    5'11 x 20" 3/8 x 2" 5/16 | 28.3 L
    6'2" x 20" 1/4 x 2" 1/2 | 37.6 L

  • Materials

    Eco-Surfboard Materials Our E.P.S. surfboard blanks are made up of recycled surfboards, packing foam, and many other variations of this foam that would end up in a landfill or even worse - the ocean. The resin used to seal the foam is an epoxy made up of 30% biobased contents. 

  • Origin

    Made in California, USA. Our Shaper Jay Novak has been shaping boards since 1975. He's shaped and glassed over 10,000 boards. Shipping Surfboards do not qualify for free shipping as they require special care and handling. When you purchase a surfboard we will reach out with a shipping quote. 

    ecologyst was founded as a custom surfboard business. We still offer this option. Let us know what you’re after.



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