Futures Fin Alpha Controller Quad


The Controller is ideal for performance retro quads, or any wide tail fish quads.

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  • Story

    The Controller Alpha is a large size quad set with a Ride Number of 5.7. Designed specifically for the classic, wide-tailed retro board the Alpha Controller is effectively a split keel and offers a unique blend of twin and quad characteristics. The C6 material, V2 foil and large surface area create both drive and control, while the upright rear template mixes in a skatey feel to the set as a whole. 

  • Details

    Side Fins
    - Area: 18.24
    - Height: 4.50
    - Base: 5.05
    - Foil: V2

    Rear Fins
    - Area: 12.06
    - Height: 4.53
    - Base: 3.89
    - Foil: 80/20

  • Materials

    The Alpha product line is made by incorporating Bureo’s NetPlus recycled fishing nets with Futures’ compound 6 Carbon and Air infused technology.

  • Origin

    Designed and manufactured exclusively in Huntington Beach, Ca USA



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