ecologyst x Olann Haro Beanie

$75 CAD
Color: Ombre Grey

Handcrafted and designed in Sooke, BC.

Merino Wool from Sugar Bush Yarns

Take responsibility for your garments to extend the life-cycle.
- Only wash when necessary *Wool rarely needs to be washed due to its antimicrobial qualities
- Do not wash in warm or hot water! Hand wash in cold water only
- HANDWASH ONLY or eco-friendly dry cleaners.
- Use biodegradable soap or detergent
- Avoid harmful bleaches or softeners
- Lay-flat to dry
- Avoid hanging storage
- Fold your wool to prevent warping or stretching

Made to last. We make quality goods that stand up in the wild. Wear and tear are inevitable, so we offer a repair program to keep your gear going strong.

If the zipper on your hoody isn't working quite right, or a button comes loose—we have you covered. Reach out to our team to set up your gear repair. We want you to love what you’ve got and wear it for a lifetime.

What We Can Fix: Loose threads, hems or buttons, some rips/holes, and zippers that are acting funny.

What We Can’t Fix: Damage through accident, misuse, or extreme wear over a product’s practical lifespan. Beer stains.

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