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Become a Co-Owner 

Since day one, we’ve chosen a path that strays from the status quo. We believe that the people who have supported us along this journey should benefit as we continue to grow and push boundaries. So we created a way for you to play a bigger part in the business—as investors. We believe we can redefine this industry and prove our planet and profits can coexist. We are growing this business with you as a co-owner. We heard from our community that you want to make a difference in what you buy, but also in what you invest and how your investments grow.

In 2019 we made it possible, and our company became 7% community owned. This year we plan to achieve a goal of 20% customer owned. Our last raise funded our name change, our new store in Whistler and our new website. What more can we accomplish together? A big priority was making more of our products here in Canada, at our own factory in Victoria, BC. That means we can ensure fair wages and working conditions, energy efficient production we can monitor firsthand, and in turn, fewer carbon emissions and even higher quality product. To make this happen, we need to invest in our facilities. Another big focus for us is developing stronger, more sustainable materials. We’re on the path to bringing exciting new choices to everyone and want to keep this momentum going.

Barriers to becoming an investor prevent most of us from benefitting when companies thrive. This used to be reserved for the high-net-worth individuals. So we’re flipping the script and moving away from the conventional form of raising capital. By using equity crowdfunding we can let you - our customers, friends and family – own shares in our private company, ecologyst. We are growing alongside the people who have been with us since day one. A growing business is steeped in potential—including financial gains—and as an investor, you’ll have a piece of the pie.

We want to have 20% of our company owned by you


The Details:

  • Invest as little as $500, and as much as your heart desires
  • Get a seat at the table at our Yearly Investor Event
  • Preferred owner pricing

Imagine what you would be worth now if you had invested $1,000 in your favourite outdoor brand when it was nothing more than an idea amongst buddies around a campfire all those years ago.


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