You’ve made your list but did you check it twice?

The best gifts aren't just good for the people who get them, they're good for our world too. Before you buy, check if your gifts are:

  • Ethically manufactured
  • Created with natural fibres
  • Made close to home
  • Built to last
  • All around awesome

We've gone ahead and checked our list for you, so you can go ahead and shop with confidence. 

Sitka goods are made to endure, and they’re made with the earth in mind. Partnering with Sitka means supporting wilderness conservation and favouring natural, less invasive products. We make clothes that last because we’re willing to slow down and show respect for the wild, to enact what we believe in, and to conserve precious resources. Sitka exists to cultivate our relationships with nature by reducing harm in the process.

Discover more about our purpose at The Goods. 

Happy Holidays! Love,