Who We Are

We believe in owning fewer, better made apparel pieces that last forever.

Why? Fewer, better plays a mighty role in conservation. It saves you money. It supports local manufacturing. It’s for Nature, and it’s guaranteed for life.

We’re building the world’s most sustainable apparel company. 

We make all our apparel in Canada and the US, supporting local jobs, and building the highest quality product. We don’t use synthetic materials like polyester, acrylic, or nylon that are made from petroleum and create microplastics. Instead, we use all-natural, biodegradable materials like Organic Cotton and Merino Wool to respect the environment and maximize durability. 

We are unashamedly For Nature, so whether you use our apparel for the exploration of Nature, or to contribute to Nature’s well-being, experiencing the power of Nature increases our consciousness to care for it.

Our Story

Let's Go Back...
Twenty years ago, we started making surfboards under the name “Sitka.” Our values were deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest mentality. From day one we’ve been vocal environmental advocates and fought against pipelines and old growth clear-cutting. Over the years, our business grew and we started making apparel, even opening overseas offices to be closer to production. Morale was high—growth is exciting. Then we had a serious wakeup call. The way we had started operating was in stark opposition to the beliefs we had as a company.

These are the brutal truths: one-third of the plastic in rivers and oceans comes in the form of clothing—and we were playing a part in that. We were protesting pipelines, yet making products out of petroleum. On top of it all, customers were returning products because they weren’t holding up. We needed to up our game so we could stand behind the products we make, the people who make them, and our role as a company in caring for this planet.

Things Got Worse Before They Got Better

We put everything on the line to make drastic changes to our business, and almost lost it all in the process. We scrutinized our products and processes from top-to-bottom and completely revamped our supply chain—relocating everything from overseas to our hometown in Victoria, BC. What we couldn’t make locally, we made as close to home as possible.

We switched to a direct-to-consumer model so we could get closer to our community and understand what they actually need. By cutting out the middle-person, we are also able to make higher-quality products that are built to last, and worth the investment. We knew we had a long way to go—but seeing the worst of it firsthand gave us the drive and perspective to fuel big changes.

We set out to prove planet and profits can coexist We left behind the wasteful formula followed by most apparel brands and opted to make fewer products, in smaller collections, out of better materials that weren’t made of petroleum. We started a repair service that we’re happy to fund because the improved quality of our products means fewer flaws and fewer returns.

As a team, we are focused on encouraging everyone around us to own less—to invest in thoughtful things that stand the test of time (and hold up to frequent encounters with nature). We take pride in crafting apparel that you can love for decades, instead of trends that are thrown out with the changing seasons.

So what's next?

Our quest to be a business that’s good to our planet has only just begun. We vow to be an example for companies everywhere, to prove you can be successful while being kind to our most precious resources.

While the things we make, how we make them, and even our name have changed over the years—what remains are the people who stand beside us on mountain tops, float beside us beyond the break, or zip open their tent next to us to share a mug of coffee. And to you, we commit to protecting what unites us—a deep connection to nature.

We believe in the reciprocal power of nature.

It only takes one deep breath in an old growth forest to understand that the West Coast is a sacred place. We exist to enable people of all ages, interests and experience levels to get into that sanctuary—amongst the trees, into the ocean and up to the peaks.

We believe when more people spend time in nature, we’ll all be more conscious about taking care of it. We design the uniform you need to build a deep connection to the outdoors, and join the ranks of people working to protect it. Once you’ve felt nature’s power, it’s impossible to ignore.