Sustainable Apparel

Over 64% of clothing fibres contain microplastics (polyester, nylon, acrylic...), which takes 450 years to breakdown once disposed of. We've left behind this wasteful formula followed by most apparel brands and opted to make fewer items out of all-natural materials.
ZQ Merino Wool

ZQ-certified merino is accredited wool that is only awarded to farmers who meet the strict sustainable farming practices around social responsibility, animal welfare, and traceability.

Recognized as the global gold standard - ZQ merino wool is some of the world’s most durable and soft fabric - offering natural moisture-wicking, antimicrobial (naturally odour-resistant), and temperature regulating qualities.

Rest assured, our apparel made with ZQ merino wool will remain in your wardrobe for the long-run.

Donegal Wool

Previously having a reputation for being itchy and scratchy, the introduction of higher quality wool variations allows us to offer premium comfort without sacrificing performance. Wool is naturally thermoregulating, odour-resistant (antimicrobial), sweat-wicking, and hugely durable.

At the end of its life cycle, wool biodegrades in as little as 3-4 months, helpfully adding nitrogen to the earth’s soil as a slow-release fertilizer.

Organic Cotton

Our organic cotton meets a plethora of rigorous ecological and social criteria - including no use of genetically-modified seeds in production and no toxic chemicals and pesticides, all of which are harmful to biodiversity, local water supplies, and field workers’ health.

Breathable and lightweight, organic cotton is known for being more durable and softer than conventional cotton.

Waxed Organic Cotton

Rooted in the ethics and sustainability of organic cotton, with a water-resistant, soy-based wax over the top to protect you from damp days, sun, and snow.

Our waxed organic cotton is breathable and windproof. You can support the longevity of your waxed cotton outerwear by rewaxing it as and when it needs.


Naturally hydrophobic, and coated in weatherproof wax, ventile is a trademarked and trusted alternative to waxed organic cotton.

Instead of an overlayer of wax at the end of production, the individual cotton fibres are waxed during production and then intertwined. This makes for one of the most breathable weather-proof layers out there.