invest in a slow fashion future

Investing in private companies has previously been reserved for the wealthy and connected.

We believe in doing things differently and have opened our doors to more investors through equity crowdfunding, which enables our community to invest in ecologyst from $500 and up.

ecologyst is over 20% community owned, and now is your chance to join the movement.

let’s change the industry, together

Climate-proof your portfolio by investing as an early-adopter in ecologyst.

We’re introducing systems change to the clothing industry where the earth is always a stakeholder. Change is inevitable and the harmful legacy clothing industry relies on unsustainable practices, requiring a complete transformation. We believe that the planet and profits can co-exist. With your support, ecologyst and our community have the power to collectively change the state of the clothing industry for the better.

what we’ve accomplished

  • Opened our own factory at 2110 Store Street in Victoria, British Columbia
  • Avoided up to 2 pounds of plastic per product and transformed our supply chain
  • Reduced our emissions by nearly 4 times since 2013
  • Acquired Frankie Collective, a company focused on upcycling clothing destined for the landfill in stylish, inventive ways

what's next

  • Raising capital to build more m2c locations
  • Continue our work of becoming the cleanest supply chain

investment highlights

Invest as little as $500, or as much as you desire

Get a seat at the table at our yearly investor event

Gain access to our Co-owner community email list and become a member of the network

Get preferred owner pricing on ecologyst products

Be a part of the sustainable clothing revolution

become a co-owner

Have questions on how to invest or what becoming a co-owner means?

Feel free to reach out to our investor relations team at or book a meeting with us here. if you would like to connect with our team. Want to stay in touch? Subscribe to our Prospective Investor email list here where we’ll keep you up to date on news, events and all things ecologyst!

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