Canoeing in the Wilderness

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Thoreau's famous trip through the Maine Woods reissued to entertain, encourage, and inspire contemporary naturalists.

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  • Story

    Thoreau paints the woods and waterways of Maine with the same loving hand that described his Walden home and entertains with the successes and difficulties of the trip and the quirks of his companion and their guide, Joseph Polis, told with a wit and insight that can only be found in Thoreau.

  • Author

    Henry David Thoreau was an American author, poet, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, historian, philosopher, and leading transcendentalist. His writings on natural history and philosophy have become sources for modern-day environmentalism.

  • Details

    - Format: Hardcover
    - Dimensions: 120 pages, 8 x 5 x 0.6 in
    - Published by: Gibbs Smith



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