ecologyst x Upstate Stock Gloves

$60 CAD
Colour: Oatmeal

ecologyst x Upstate Stock Glove. Made with 100% American Ragg Wool.

    - 85% USA wool 15% USA nylon
    - Sitka woven label is lightly tacked on and can be removed easily

    Two sizes. Small fits hand up to 6.5" in length. Large fits hand up to 7.5" in length. Measure from the bottom of your palm to the tips of your fingers. For gloves, we recommend following the measurement guidelines exactly. Size small is very narrow and short fingered, so size large is recommended for men.

    Ragg wool is a blend of wool and nylon traditionally used in workwear/gardening. It allows for shape retention and durability while wicking away moisture to keep hands warm and dry. 

    Knitted in Upstate, NY and finished in Brooklyn, NY.

    Take responsibility for your gloves to extend the life-cycle.
    - Only wash when necessary
    - Do not wash in warm or hot water! Cold water only
    - Suggested hand-wash
    - If necessary, machine wash on a gentle cycle, in cold water with like colours
    - Use biodegradable soap or detergent
    - Avoid harmful bleaches or softeners
    - Lay flat to dry

    Made to last. We make quality goods that stand up in the wild. Wear and tear are inevitable, so we offer a repair program to keep your gear going strong.

    If the zipper on your hoody isn't working quite right, or a button comes loose—we have you covered. Reach out to our team to set up your gear repair. We want you to love what you’ve got and wear it for a lifetime.

    What We Can Fix: Loose threads, hems or buttons, some rips/holes, and zippers that are acting funny.

    What We Can’t Fix: Damage through accident, misuse, or extreme wear over a product’s practical lifespan. Beer stains.

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