Fabric Wax

$18 CAD

Giving you an extra layer of protection against the elements, all while being good to the environment.

Our water-repellent fabric wax is made from 100% natural beeswax to help improve functionality and extend the lifetime of virtually any item. This plastic free fabric wax bar can be used to give everything from market totes and hats to backpacks and tents a long lasting, reliable water resisting protection. It’s fast, simple, and makes your gear waterproof. Forget about soggy boots on a rainy day.

- 3.2 oz
- Made of beeswax, safflower and dammer resin
- Tin Case

Made on Salt Spring Island, BC

1—Apply the wax bar using long, even strokes against clean fabric.
2—Melt the wax into the fabric using a heat source like an iron, hairdryer or camp stove. The wax melts at 55–60ºC (131–140ºF)
3—Leave the garment in a warm, dry place for 24 hours Wax may darken some materials and can be used on treated or untreated fabrics.
Reapply wax when necessary

Made to last. We make quality goods that stand up in the wild. Wear and tear are inevitable, so we offer a repair program to keep your gear going strong.

If the zipper on your hoody isn't working quite right, or a button comes loose—we have you covered. Reach out to our team to set up your gear repair. We want you to love what you’ve got and wear it for a lifetime.

What We Can Fix: Loose threads, hems or buttons, some rips/holes, and zippers that are acting funny.

What We Can’t Fix: Damage through accident, misuse, or extreme wear over a product’s practical lifespan. Beer stains.

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