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    Fill the home with the fresh cedar this holiday season with our Cedar Bundle. Includes our Sitka Candle with 50+ hours of burn time, Natural Cedar essential oil and Cedar botanical mist from Bilston Creek Farms in Victoria and a pair of classic Woolies. Every box is made by hand from cedar and pine, built to be repurposed and kept forever.

  • Details

    The Sitka Candle
    A collaboration between Salt Spring Island Candle Co. and ecologyst, this candle is a celebration of the west coast way of life.

    Cedar Botanical Mist
    This Western Red Cedar hydrosol is copper distilled from fresh water, and wild harvested cedar leaves from Vancouver Island.
    - Mist in the kitchen and bathroom to deodorize and freshen the air
    - Apply to countertops, windows and glass, and wipe clean to remove grease and disinfect
    - Use as a smudge to clear a space when burning is not possible
    - Spray on plants to naturally repel insects
    -Use as a natural yoga mat spray

    Cedar Essential Oil
    Locally harvested cedar boughs are copper distilled to produce potent essential oil with the scent of the coastal rainforest. The Western Red Cedar is one of the most important trees in the pacific northwest, used traditionally for practical, spiritual and medicinal purposes for hundreds of years.

    The Woolies
    ecologyst's authentic woolen sock. A family-run business and a source of local pride, who have been making socks for over 75 years in Quebec, Canada. Their authentic woollen sock starts from selecting first-rate textiles in an unprocessed state. Natural fibres such as sheep's and lamb's wool are sorted, amalgamated for their blends, and carded. This process results in solid, strong yarn for soft, cushy socks with a rustic knit - perfect for Canadian winters

  • Origin

    About Bilston Creek Farm:
    In 1851 Bilston Creek Farm made its mark on history as the first settlement outside of For Victoria, several years before Canada would be founded. For years it was farmed by the Witty family, and treasures of that time still remain, from heritage apple trees, to beautiful old barn board, to rusted tools found buried in the earth.

    Bilston Botanicals:
    All-natural products made in small batches with simple, clean ingredients for face, body, kitchen and bath. Each product is handcrafted on our small farm on Vancouver Island to bring the power of pure botanicals to you.



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