Investor Update - April 2019

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This is an extra special investor update. We’ll be touching on some of last months happenings but mainly talking about the announcement of our new name and the launch of making our community co-owners. April was full-on to say the least.
We are now ecologyst!
ecologyst | sitka canada | sustainable clothing | made in canada
We couldn’t think of a better way to describe our community. We’re keeping the Sitka tree as our logo, it’s our heritage, but ecologyst is our future, it shows that growth and sustainability can co-exist. This is our story, from where it all started to where we are today. We trust this video will resonate with you. 

Your Brand, Our Story

 This transition won’t happen overnight. This will be a gradual journey towards something great(er). It will take us a while to change everything over. URLs, labels, signage, et cetera...this all takes plenty of resources and time and it may be a few months before we’ve flipped everything over. 

Own What You Wear 
impact investing | made in canada | sitka | ecologyst
Have you ever thought about investing in a company but didn’t know where to start? Well, we've made it super easy for you! That’s right - you can be a co-owner of our brand. This type of opportunity had, until recently, always been reserved for the high-net-worth individuals. So we’re flipping the script and moving away from the conventional form of raising capital. Through crowd-equity funding we’re offering a unique opportunity and allowing you - our customers, friends and family – to buy shares in our private company. We want to grow alongside the people who have been with us since day one. A growing business is steeped in potential—including financial gains—and as an investor, you’ll have a piece of the pie. 
Price Refresh!  
 price drop | sitka stanfields | made in canada
 Growth is exciting, and this growth benefits our customer base. Greater volumes means economies of scale and lower production costs. This means we can lower our prices for our base. This is something we’ve been working towards since moving our manufacturing back to Canada. We'll continue to look for ways to make our Canadian made goods accessible to more people - never at the expense of those making our goods or of the quality.


Welcome Emily! 

new team member | flagship location | sitka canada | ecologyst  

With a strong passion for the outdoors, Emily is an East Coaster that now happily calls the West Coast her home. She has been working in the retail industry the majority of her working career and takes pride in her upbeat, approachable personality. She strives to create the most inclusive environment wherever she goes, in the shop and out. She is highly organized, enjoys building lists, has strong attention to detail, and thrives when working with others and putting brains together to optimize ideas and creativity.

Ps. We started adding monthly investor updates to our site. You can always reference past updates there or sign up here


Thank you for reading and for all the support,
Rene Gauthier
Founder and CEO


Read More Field Tests

Chasing Birds in The 400 Pullover
The hoodie was always warm, I could just throw a jean jacket over top and be well equipped for a walk with my dogs. It is perfect when you're sleeping in your sleeping bag, super cosy, no frozen ears.
The Tee Takes on Bali
This tee makes me feel great about wearing sustainable clothing. Looking forward to wearing it in cooler climates.
Camping with Yogi in The Merino Tee
I love everything about it! I love where the brand is heading with reliable, quality, solid, everyday clothing.
The 400 Crew, In and Out of the City
Its urban feel mixed with outdoor adaptability makes it something I would wear often whether I'm at home in Vancouver or adventuring elsewhere. 
Coffee Break in The 210 Merino Henley
I am a big fan of simple design with a minimalistic brand logo. The Merino Henley was a perfect fit for me. It was very easy to pair up with any of the pants that I had.
Luke Jams With The Stanfield’s Henley
Besides the itch, the fabric felt quite wholesome and about the exact opposite of putting on a low-quality t-shirt.
My Body, My Athletic Tee
I will wear this shirt until it's holy and stained, and I will love it with every step of the way.
The 210 Merino Henley Goes to Switzerland
It made me feel great as the Merino got a lot of compliments, and I got to tell people about your awesome company.
Greenhousing with The Stanfield's Crew
I wore this garment with a wool plaid shirt over top and stayed warm and cozy on late winter days when the north wind was crisp. It gave me a wonderful feeling of spring & summer to come!
Can I Wear All Black to the Beach?
This sweaters' fabric is excellent to the touch and has nice detail on the inside for warmth. 
Spotting Grizzlies in The Peak Hoody
Absolutely amazing. I use it for everything. It simply is my favourite choice for everyday adventures up north!
Brad Goes Sea to Sky in The Camp Cap

I've had my cap for just over two weeks and have worn it almost every time I walk out the door.

Between Trees: Sierra and The Peak Hoody
Nice and sturdy and makes me feel like all the parts of me are safe inside.
The Cabin Shirt, From a Mountain Man
The fabric is exceptional. You can definitely tell that it's prime organic cotton.
Post-Yoga Walks in The Cabin Shirt
I've received many compliments on The Cabin Shirt - it's unique, not your average flannel. It is practical for "doing outside."
Brandy's Peak Hoody Love
I love the organic cotton! The tight weave keeps me warm and keeps the cool coastal wind out!
Stanfield Together, Forever
I wore this garment in the city, working in my little 'urban garden' on a spring day and it kept me the perfect temperature.
Endurance Athlete's Wear Merino, Too
I love the colour, the fit, and the feel, and given the fact that it works well when I'm training and the wool comes from non-mulesed sheep, I'd have to say the product makes me pretty happy.
Cynthia, Dana, and The Cashmere Toque
I love the natural fibres you use for your clothes. They are more comfortable than synthetics and more eco-friendly.

Become a Field Tester

Every month, we hand-pick 3-4 folks to Field Test our gear.

This means receiving one of our products, testing it for 30 days in the wild, and giving us back your honest feedback and photography. When you're done, you get to keep the garment for life.