For Every One, A purpose
When ecologyst put their weight behind Pacific Wild and the B.C. herring fishing moratorium, we were told that it wasn’t our fight. We are, after all, a clothing company. Why should we get a say in industrial fishing practices? I answer back: why shouldn’t we?...
New Name. Same Commitment.
Sitka becomes Ecologyst. Passion, commitment, faces remain the same.
Investor Update - March 2019
March has been a packed month as we work on a new name for the brand, a new Whistler location, and the launch of enabling our customers to be owners.  Let's dive into what happened in March..We've secured a location along the Whistler Stroll. We’ll be located at 4338 Main Street (right by the Olympic rings).
Investor Update - February 2019
A monthly behind the scenes look at our company
Investor Update - January 2019
Our most important investors are our customers (YOU). Without you, there is no Sitka. So we decided to try sending our investor update to yourself and all our other customers. This is new for us and we'd really appreciate your feedback. Here goes...
From the Sea to the Sky | Victoria to Whistler
We're pleased to announce two new locations in Squamish and Whistler.
Welcome to The Impossible Fibre

The Impossible Fibre project is an initiative we are taking on to find a solution to recycling our products into new fibre.

Sounds simple, right? It most definitely isn’t as there are currently significant issues with recycling textiles due to blended materials, contaminants, quality issues and chemically made fibers along with capacity restraints and many other roadblocks.

Getting to the Roots with The Impossible Fibre Gals
The Impossible Fibre project is an initiative we are taking on to find a solution to recycling our products into new fibreLet's get to know the gals that are taking on this project working to create significant change in the world. 
Protecting Howe Sound
When industrialization of Howe Sound began in the 1900s, the waters became polluted and the wildlife started to disappear- until populations of fish and marine mammals fully vanished for decades. Residents say you couldn’t even see algae growing on the rocks, it was that barren. As industry died and clean up processes improved, the marine ecosystem of Howe Sound was given a chance at recovery. Multiple organizations and volunteers put countless hours and dollars into helping the fjord rebound. Their efforts were rewarded in recent years when the herring returned followed by larger marine mammals like orcas, dolphins and humpback whales.
Getting to the Roots with Sofie Agger
Sitka family member, Sofie Agger, is a one-of-a-kind gal who had the unique opportunity to spend 8 weeks in the Canadian high-Arctic, doing a study on environmental changes.