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the premium organic cotton tee
Expertly crafted to deliver all-day comfort and unmatched durability.

made here

We actually make clothes, right here at our HQ and factory in Victoria, BC. If it isn’t made in-house, we work with committed partners close to home in Canada and the United States.

repairs for life

Zipper wear out? Get a snag? We got you.

Participating in ecologyst’s lifetime repair program helps avoid overproducing new products. By repairing a garment and extending the lifespan by just 9 months, we can reduce our impact by 20-30%.

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for nature

We make small production runs locally using natural materials.

By opting for natural materials such as ethically sourced wool and organic cotton, we’re able to avoid up to 2 grams of microplastics leaching into our oceans per product.

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Keeping well loved ecologyst clothing in use.

Part of our commitment to ending fast fashion and the perception of clothing as disposable is to create an ecosystem where 1 in 5 garments see additional wear.

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Before They Fall

A timely, feature-length film, Before They Fall tells the story of conservation groups, Indigenous communities, and scientists coming together in the midst of a decades-long battle to protect endangered old-growth forests in BC. With its world premiere at Whistler Film Festival in 2021, the film comes to a head as tensions rise at Ada’itsx (Fairy Creek) — the last unprotected, intact watershed and valley on southern Vancouver Island. trailer watch now

organic cotton

Elevate your wardrobe with a collection of meticulously crafted, cotton essentials that seamlessly blend breathability and comfort.

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